The Croqueuse

Gourmet, low alcohol, French, fruity, peppery, retro look...

Fruity lightness on a peppery note

Its recipe, based on slightly peppery apple, gives it the freshness of a Granny Smith combined with the sweetness of a caramelized apple. A little frozen treat to share after a good meal. But also the gourmet and creative touch of summer cocktails.

Freshness of a Granny Smith

The apple conceals many trappings, it knows how to be acidic, caramelized, suave, fruity… La Croqueuse borrows all its panoply of tastes… This new cream offers a very gentle attack almost cooked apple, counterbalanced by a very crunchy texture, tangy Granny type Smith, a fruity fluidity in the mouth on the freshness ending with a subtly peppery note.

Subtle balance between sugar and acidity

In line with La Mentheuse and La Pulpeuse, La Croqueuse has character and connoisseurs of digestives will appreciate its subtle balance between sugar and acidity, at just 15 degrees. La Croqueuse wears an almost frosty color in its one-litre bottle in Belle Époque red.

The gourmet touch of your cocktails

La Croqueuse should quickly find its place at the end of a meal, to be sipped very cold on ice. But also in cocktails where it will bring its Granny Smith touch, a round acidity that will dialogue easily with the other ingredients of the art of mixology.

How to savor it?

La Croqueuse can always be enjoyed extra chilled, pure or on ice, it is fully revealed in a short drink (freezer not recommended).

Preferably as a digestive with its sweet tone, it can also be served as an aperitif in the form of multiple cocktails.

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